Making The Right Choice Of Map Is Essential

There used to be a time when the only way to look at a map was on a paper-based version or to see it in a traditional book Atlas. However, due to the advent of computer technology there are now many different types of map on the market, all of which can give you a great view of the world and help to give your child a wide-ranging education about geography and allied subjects.

Educational maps for kids are now freely available from many different places, and by choosing the right one you can give your child a great start at school. As well as maps for education, of course, there are also maps used for commercial purposes or for such things as helping to choose the right house. This site will cover some of the main aerial map types that are available, and some considerations that need to be borne in mind before choosing the correct map for your particular needs.

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One of the first choices many people still make is the old-fashioned book atlas, maybe because reading from a printed page is a thing that many children are still comfortable with, even though computer technology is now becoming more widespread, both at home and in the schools. A high-quality atlas will not only show the various countries of the world, and of course all the various landmarks within them, such as the major towns and cities, roads and railroads, but will also show other information and data, including principal economic activity by country, population, type of industry, agriculture, religion, ethnic makeup, and many other wide-ranging facts.

Allied to this type of map, is the old-fashioned globe, which can also show most of the usual information, such as the size and shape of the various countries of the world, along with the names of the many oceans and seas, rivers, and lakes. But many globes now make use of computer technology, which enables them to become a speaking globe, giving facts about the various parts of the world that simply would not be able to fit on the surface of the globe if they were printed in the traditional style. These computer globes can also engage the child in questions and answer sessions, quizzes, in order to test the child's knowledge about the world in general.

Online maps

But it is once you start to use computer technology properly you can see how amazing a digital map can be. Many online maps, including those available for commercial software applications, make use of aerial maps and satellite images to create a 3-D image of the world as we know it. This mapping used traditional mapping styles, such as the shape of the country, and then was overlaid with a satellite image to give a real world feel to the image, and give the viewer a sense that they are actually in the place that they are researching. This can be made even better by choosing one of the many interactive maps now available, which can enable you to point-and-click to get a wide-ranging of data about any particular area of the world.

Outside of the field of education, computer based maps, in particular satellite images and aerial photographs, can be used for many different things. One of the main ones is in the field of real estate, where real estate agents can use aerial photographs of properties they are selling in order to give a prospective buyer a great idea as to how the property actually looks, and how it relates to the surrounding area and countryside, including how far it is from the local train station, shopping center, and other areas of interest. Making use of 3-D visual technology, a 3-D map can also show the property or other areas at ground level, so that the person viewing this type of map can get a feel of how it should be to actually be at a particular point on a map.

Old aerial photographs

For those who want to get a really wide few of the globe, many photographs are available from government institutions, with NASA pictures being one of the more popular choices for many people. Many people also search for old aerial photographs online, perhaps because they want to see the area where they live in days gone by, and see how it has changed with the passing of the years.

But no matter which kind of map you are looking to purchase or simply view -- whether it is an old-fashioned Atlas, satellite imagery, or an interactive globe -- this site has a range of information to help you choose and tell you all about how the various kinds of map technology work. Take time to read some of our articles and then choose the kind of map or image is exactly right for your particular needs.

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