Looking At Aerial Photographs Online Can Be A Great Education

As everybody knows the internet has made a huge impact on society, giving almost everyone instant access to a wide range of data that includes text, images, video and audio files. And of course it is no accident that aerial photography has also been affected by this revolution in technology, with many people now viewing areal photographs online as a way of discovering everything from how the district looks now, how it looked in the past, or, if they happen to be in the market for purchasing a new house, how the house looks in relation to the surrounding area, including the roads, railways, and natural landscape. It is no accident that many real estate agents, or realtors, are now providing online aerial photographs as part of their online descriptions of properties for sale.

It is also no accident that aerial photography is now using the web as a way of making the images more accessible, since many other visual techniques are now using the medium in one way or another. But aerial photography has always had a strain of innovation running through it, since its beginnings in the First World War, when aerial photographs were used for military intelligence. These needed to be highly detailed aerial photographs since highly important decisions were based upon them. Since that time many aerial photographs have been taken of non-military targets, including towns and cities throughout the country, and also well known natural landscapes.

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It was in the 1930s and 1940s that aerial photography really took off, with thousands of photographs being taken around the USA and countries in Western Europe, including the UK, France, and Germany. Many of these early aerial photographs were preserved, and have now been transferred to a digital format, and these digitized images can now be seen either on the web or by buying a collection on DVD or CD format. Historical aerial photographs can also be bought on sites such as eBay, with many people buying them as a gift for someone who perhaps has some connection with the area photographed.

However, much aerial photography is still done at a professional level, especially used for creating maps, and to help cartographers refine the data being collected from ground-level surveying techniques using traditional surveying methods such as a theodolite and ground measurement equipment. For this type of photography a wide format camera is usually used, since this would enable the detail to be collected at a level needed. Much aerial photography is now done using a helicopter, since this enables the pilot to fly at a very low level and also to hover over a particular location, enabling the photographer to get a good show.

Map making images

However for doing aerial photography of large areas a light aircraft is often used, since this will give a much further reach. Carrying out aerial surveys is quite expensive, and therefore are usually only done when the cost can be supported by the project itself. In some cases aerial photography can be used not only for map making, but also surveying damage after a natural disaster in order to help with rebuilding projects.

But one of the main developments in aerial photography, and something which has helped aerial photography to go online, is the development in digital aerial photography. Until fairly recently most aerial photography was done by using wide format cameras, which were very expensive and also very heavy, not to mention the fact that they produce traditional photographic film which needs to be developed and kept under extremely controlled conditions. But with the advent of digital photography, this is now a thing of the past, with many lightweight digital cameras being used to produce digitized images at very low cost. And given that digital images do not need to be kept in any special conditions, it can simply be loaded onto a backup disk, or uploaded to a server, where storage costs are minimal.

Commercial aerial photography

Since the whole process is digitized, these aerial images can be loaded onto a server, and then be viewed over the internet, either by people simply looking for an image of a certain area, or in the case of a commercial aerial photography company, by clients viewing certain projects. Many commercial aerial photographers will keep an online database of the shots, which can enable people to browse them and then choose which ones they need to buy, perhaps because they want to have an image of the house of the area where they live.

If you are looking to view aerial photographs online, one thing you need to think about is whether or not you are just looking for something out of interest, or whether you want to buy the image for your self or for a commercial application. For most people, it will simply be buying an aerial photograph of the area where they live or perhaps the house, and in this case it is usually a simple matter of finding the company that has aerial photographs of your particular area and then purchasing the print online. For more specialized aerial photographs an account will usually be needed to be setup with a commercial aerial survey company.

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