Aerial Photos Give A Bird's Eye View

Few things have had such a great impact on so many disciplines and commercial activities as the advent of aerial photography, since aerial photos can show detail that previously was simply hidden, and which made it almost impossible for most people to get the full picture of the way the environment was constructed. Aerial photography has had a huge impact on disciplines as diverse as geology, nature conservation, military planning, and of course map production, as well as commercial activities such as real estate, since a realtor can now order an aerial photograph of a property, whether it is a commercial property or a domestic residence, in order to show everything about the construction and the area of land that belongs to the house itself.

Depending on what use is needed, aerial photographs can be purchased from different organizations, including online aerial photography companies who can provide detailed images over the internet. However, it may be a case that you need a custom image of a certain house or property, and in this case you may need to hire the services of an aerial photography company who will usually fly over the property in a helicopter and take some high resolution photographs, which give a high definition image made exactly to your specifications. This is an expensive option, but it can be one that is worth the cost, for instance if you're using aerial images to sell a house.

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Using aerial photography to document what is happening on a particular plot of land, and also using it as part of traditional survey methods is now a commonplace thing. Most of the USA has been mapped using traditional methods, but these can tend to be inaccurate, especially when mapping large areas of wilderness or open space. In this case federal agencies will often use USGS aerial photographs so that they can revise maps of the US, since the aerial images can be produced to a very high definition and used to plot lines to a high degree of accuracy. The Police Department too will often use aerial mapping in its investigation of crime, sometimes using ready-made aerial maps or commissioning aerial photography for a particular incident.

Aerial photography techniques

But, as mentioned earlier, it is the real estate industry who has really benefited from the introduction and improvement in aerial photography techniques, since an aerial photograph of a plot can go a long way to selling the benefits, since the prospective buyer will be able to see the topography of the area, and how the particular residential plot relates to the surrounding lands.

In many areas, especially one serviced by those estate agents selling high-value residential properties, an arial map of the property is a standard part of the property description. This is especially important when buying rural properties, which may have large areas of land as part of the deal, including forests, rivers and lakes. It is for this reason that government agencies such as the transport department use aerial photography and maps to research areas before going ahead and building a large construction projects such as highways and bridges.

Kite aerial photography

There is, however, a much more personal use of ariel photography, and that is to use video photography to record things such as weddings, or in some cases larger commercial events such as rock concerts and so on. These things are usually done by helicopter, though they can be done by balloon in some cases, and even by using a kite, though kite areal photography can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. Sometimes a way around the problems is to use a radio controlled helicopter, since these can move very deftly around a small area of land and take high-definition aerial photographs very easily and at a fairly low cost.

When looking for a company to provide you with some custom aerial photographs, make sure they have expertise in carrying out aerial photography in your particular market, such as real estate aerial photography, or event photography. By choosing a company that specializes in any particular type of aerial photograph production you're sure to find a company that can do the job to a high standard and give you all the benefits that this technology and discipline can provide.

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