NASA Pictures Have Changed Our View Of The World Forever

It seems almost incredible that just 50 years or so after the first man-powered flight the human race was able not only able to fly long distances in planes are also to put a rocket into outer space and put a man on the moon. But apart from the fact that this gave us a view of other planets, one of the main things for most people that came from those early space explorations are the NASA pictures that were beamed back to Earth, shown on television screens, and for the first time gave mankind a view of the Earth from outer space.

These aerial images radically changed the way we view the Earth itself, showing a level of detail that until that time have been completely hidden. These early NASA images were not of very high quality and detail, although they were extremely detailed compared to the complete lack of satellite images before this time, and within a few years NASA scientists were looking at how to create sharp satellite images that would give us a real insight into how the world looked from thousands of miles up, beyond the earth's atmosphere.

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Progress was slow at first, although color satellite images did come into play in the 1970s, but by the 1990s satellite image detail was extremely high indeed, with satellite photographs not only showing the various continents, oceans and weather patterns from outer space, but also the ability to show highly-detailed satellite photographs with renditions of houses, streets, parks, and even fairly small objects such as automobiles. This really was a radical departure and opened the way for satellite images to be used for a wide range of applications, including satellite mapping, weather forecasting, and travel planning.

Weather forecasting maps

But one of the most striking developments in using satellite maps was that used by the real estate industry, which could now use high-resolution satellite images to show properties that were for sale, and give prospective buyers a real idea of the size of the property and how it fit in with the local environment in relation to roads, parks, and the surrounding countryside. Another major use of NASA satellite images is that of weather forecasting, which is now so accurate in many places that a meteorologist can determine exactly how long a cloud will take to move from one place to another, and make a forecast as to rainfall or snowfall that is accurate to within a few hours.

NASA satellite maps have also been used by the law enforcement agencies in an attempt to curb crime, particularly those that include international crimes such as drug trafficking, since the maps can be used to track the movement of such things as boats and ships, which can be used for the movement of illicit goods. These types of satellite maps are also used by the shipping industry to make sure that the ships follow the correct shipping lanes, and when used with weather forecasting technology can make shipping navigation a much more accurate discipline.

Detailed satellite images

But even if some of these highly detailed satellite images are beyond the reach of many people, for the most part the average person is happy to see a fairly decent satellite map of the internet, and this is where most satellite imagery is now viewed. The NASA website often has live video of space shuttle launches, which can add to the understand of how aerial and weather mapping is carried out.

Satellite images on the Terraserver application are a very popular choice for many people, as are some of the other satellite image online applications by various companies. Some of the more popular searches on the internet include things such as "aerial view of my home" or "aerial view of my house", a statistic which shows very much what people really want to see when they go online to view the earth from outer space.


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