Old Aerial Photos Give A View Of The Past

There is something inherent in human nature which seems to want to know exactly how things were in the past, perhaps because it gives them something that they can link to in the present. One of the things many people like to know is how things looked in the past, especially things that are close to home, such as their own district or neighborhood, or even their own house.

For this reason old aerial photos are an extremely popular search for many people, who want to see how the district has developed over the years, something which is added to by the fact that they may be able to see their own house, and how it related to the surrounding area 50, 60, or even a hundred years ago.

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Of course, aerial photography was not a well developed discipline a hundred years ago, and it is only some of the more populous urban areas that have photographs taken from the air, and these would have been done by balloon. However, by the 1950s and 60s, which means going back about 50 years, many areas had been photographed from the air using the by now more common light aircraft, and even remote controlled aerial photography techniques such as using small helicopters or model aircraft.

Apart from the personal reasons for wanting to find an antique aerial photograph, businesses also like to look at old aerial photographs simply because it may give information that can be useful in something such as a property dispute, perhaps something relating to the boundary of a property, particularly if the property is an old one and the area has built-up from a rural to an urban type over the past 50 years or so. Old aerial images can also be useful for real estate agents who may want to show the true antique and traditional nature of a property to a prospective buyer. And of course aerial photographs are also great idea for a gift, which some professional business make to a buyer of a property, or someone may want to give it a personal gift when looking for something out of the ordinary.

Vintage photography

Other business applications for vintage aerial photographs, those which show especially the historical area around a particular building, can be used by historians of local studies, as well as by government agencies for things such as town planning inquiries, public inquiries, boundary disputes, and other legal issues which may need to visual evidence as part of the case to be presented.

When it comes to finding old aerial photographs one of the best places to look is the NAPP, which stands for the National Aerial Photography Program, something which is run by the USGS. These are used for many different applications, but map revision is one of the main ones, with these photographs being available from the 1940s onwards.

Shoreline photos

Many of the sources of these photographs include the US Air Force, the US Navy, and other organizations such as NASA. Within the disciplines of aerial photography there are specialized types, which include such things as shoreline aerial photos [also known as coastal aerial photographs] and which can be used for mapmaking and for making decisions about infrastructure such as roads and rail. It is also used to gather information about coastal erosion, something which enables scientists and geologists to make decisions based on highly accurate data.

For most businesses, going to a specialized aerial photography agency is usually the way to go, particularly if the business needs something from a particular era. Historical aerial photographs of certain areas may not be easy to come by and the services of a professional company is essential in finding exactly the right image.

Aerial photography websites

However, for most people, old aerial images are really used simply as decoration or fun, and for many people those available on the web are enough to give them what they want. There are many online aerial photograph websites, which enables you to view and even download some of these images either for free or for a fairly small fee.

Some of these include oldaerialphotos.com, which is a UK-based website. Take time to do some research, and this will probably yield results to give you what you are looking for. For the business looking for highly accurate early aerial photographs, a business directory of specialized companies is probably the best way to go.


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