Satellite Images Have Opened Up The World

If there is one thing that has changed the way we view the world it is the abundance of satellite images now available to almost everyone who has an internet connection, since these aerial images are now available from many different organizations, some of them including government organizations such as NASA, satellite images being one of the main reasons for this organization's existence. NASA aerial images are actually published by an organization known as Earth Observatory, but there are also many private companies in various countries of the world that use aerial maps and also give access to commercial satellite images.

Also satellite maps and satellite photography is a fairly new part of the human information database, and there has been a huge increase in the availability of these images of the past few years that they are almost taken for granted by most people. Satellite mapping software is now available on the Internet, with many satellite image databases offered by various organizations for a fee, though free satellite images can still be found on many websites, including real-time satellite images, which show how things change over a certain period of time. These live images really show the progress that has been made in aerial mapping techniques over the past two or three decades.

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As for the uses of these images, they can be used to produce descriptions of any part of the world, and are now a staple part of producing aerial maps, especially those that map out places that are very difficult to carry out by traditional mapping methods. Most of the USA has been mapped by using traditional methods, though there are parts of the USA and parts of Canada and other places where there are large areas of wilderness, where satellite imagery is the best way to go about mapping it.

These also have applications in many different disciplines, including agriculture, geology, conservation, regional planning, and satellite images for military intelligence. These can include elevation maps which use radar imaging, which are then enhance and analyzed, until the satellite imagery is highly detailed and specific. Satelitte software packages include ENVI and Imagine, which have really moved things forward in the field of aerial mapping and satellite photography, enabling high-resolution satellite images to be made available to a wide number of organizations, including those who use aerial photography for commercial means, or noncommercial means such as mapping, and academic research for producing things such as route maps and geography maps.

NASA images

Things really have come along way since the 1950s, when the Russian satellite Sputnik images first came back, an event which began a technological revolution, one which speeded up in the 1970s with the introduction of color satellite maps, and then reached a technological milestone with the introduction of NASA satellite images which produced detailed aerial maps showing things that would previously have been hidden, including domestic residencies and automobiles. Of course, the advent of this technology had a great impact on meteorology, with weather satellite images first being used for military use, then commercial use, weather forecasting, and finally for leisure use, as internet satellite images became available to almost anyone.

It is now possible for someone to a view a satellite image on the internet, and then create a photo map showing where they live, and even plan journeys from one place to another. By the use of a printer it is possible to create your own hard copy satellite images, something which would have been unthinkable just 20 years ago. And once we begin to look at interactive satellite maps, this really opens a whole new world for people interested in an aerial view of the world. Anybody will be able to get an aerial view of their own street, and even their own house, showing the location of the car, and even be able to see small objects in the garden. That really is progress.

Satellite maps online

For those looking to see satellite maps online, there are companies which offer packages, though the best ones tend to be on the expensive side. A high-end system is OCENS WeatherNet Software, which can cost anything from around $100 up to $1000, depending on the level of service. This gives access to weather and ocean information using a satellite phone, cell phone, WiFi, and usual landline. The information comes in the form of among others text, images, and radar information. The data can be viewed with OCENS GRIB Explorer or MetMapper software, among others, and includes data such as aviation, buoy, ocean charts, weather charts and satellite images

Another system is the Fugawi Marine system for us with PC. It is a marine navigation software which includes S-57 format charts, hydrographic charts, NV digital charts, topographic maps. The system is made for those sailing on the ocean, sailing in a river, or hiking in unknown territory, since the system gives terrain information, route planning capability, all of which can be read via GPS, smart phones and PDA. Also included are online maps of the USA, Mexico, and Europe, as well as aerial photographs and panoramic photographs.

High resolution satellite imagery

For those who love to see information on a GPS unit, the Garmin Birdseye satellite imagery card can be a great choice, giving high-resolution color satellite and aerial images which can be overlayed on vector maps showing roads, buildings, and shoreline. This can be used by hikers and hunters, and leisure travelers to tourist spots, showing aerial landmarks. The software is PC and Mac compatible.

If you are looking to buy a software program that provides aerial maps or satellite mapping images, make sure that it has a very up-to-date database, since this will have a great effect on how useful the mapping software is. Once you have decided on this make sure that it can run on your computer, since many of these programs may need a great amount of memory. Once you have it installed you will be able to get an amazing view of the world which can add to your education in amazing ways.

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